1. What is UNEDA?

UNEDA (United Network Equipment Dealer Association) is a worldwide alliance of more than 300 of the leading marketers of pre-owned networking equipment. Members represent the entire spectrum of the secondary market for networking equipment. From companies with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in inventory to small, entrepreneurial organizations.

2. When was UNEDA formed?

Officially in 2006, but the organization had been in the making for several years as many of its members have worked together on equipment sourcing partnerships.

3. What is the mission of UNEDA?

UNEDA’s mission is to provide its members and all end-users with a safe and reliable environment for buying and selling pre-owned networking equipment. To help make this possible, UNEDA members agree to uphold a strict set of guidelines for ethical, business best practices.

4. How does UNEDA help buyers of pre-owned network equipment?

UNEDA’s purpose is to ensure end-users that the market for pre-owned networking equipment remains a cost-effective and viable alternative to purchasing new networking equipment from manufacturers or their authorized distributors.
To accomplish this, UNEDA’s coalition represents an alternate channel for procurement that focuses on four major goals:

  • promote industry best practices;
  • create a safe environment for cooperative sales and marketing efforts;
  • ensure the highest standards of product quality;
  • eradicate the presence of counterfeit, fraudulent and stolen gear in the secondary market.

5. How will UNEDA achieve these goals?

UNEDA has put in place a series of strict guidelines. Members must adhere to this code of ethics, which includes implementing processes to ensure that counterfeit and stolen equipment does not enter their inventories and that only legitimate gear is sold. Most UNEDA members already have more stringent practices in place to detect black market or counterfeit goods than OEMs, their registered partners and authorized distributors. As a united community of secondary market suppliers, UNEDA is committed to maintaining the highest standards in product procurement, inspection, testing, warranty and post-sale service practices.

6. Why do end-users buy from the secondary market for network equipment?

Initially, end-users may be drawn to the market for pre-owned networking equipment because of its proven ability to deliver outstanding price savings (up to 90 percent off OEMs’ list prices). Repeat customers learn to appreciate UNEDA members’ outstanding responsiveness (the majority of the most popular gear is available for overnight delivery), product reliability (failure rates that match OEMs’ new gear) and superior warranties (many UNEDA members have available warranties that exceed those offered by OEMs). By working with UNEDA members, end-users can ensure they are purchasing equipment from reliable sources.

7. Who is buying from UNEDA members?

Purchasers of pre-owned networking equipment run the gamut of today’s businesses. From local schools to Global 1000 organizations, customers of the secondary market come from all vertical markets, including telecommunications service providers, local and state governments, educational institutions and healthcare organizations as well as resellers. Increasing numbers of companies are turning to UNEDA members to meet an ever-increasing range of requirements, including complete network fulfillment, asset recovery, disaster recovery, as well as testing and sparing.

8. Who can join UNEDA?

Prospective members must fill out an extensive application to prove they are a legitimate, sustaining operation that sells pre-owned networking equipment. This includes a valid web site, references and warranty information. They must have the endorsement of three current UNEDA members, the ability to pay dues and must agree to abide by UNEDA’s strict code of ethics.

9. What are the consequences if a member does not uphold a UNEDA bylaw?

Members found in violation of UNEDA guidelines are subject to a number of sanctions and punishments, ranging from a written warning to immediate, automatic expulsion from the association. UNEDA’s 12-member Dispute Resolution Committee mediates in most situations to determine whether there is a violation of UNEDA’s Code of Ethics. If there is, the DRC recommends appropriate action to the UNEDA board of directors.

10. What types of organizations are current UNEDA members?

UNEDA’s membership comprises well-established, worldwide leaders with extensive equipment inventories and global reach along with emerging, entrepreneurial organizations focused on delivering the highest standards in product procurement, inspection, testing, warranties, post-sales service and customer support. With combined revenues of more than $1 billion, UNEDA members provide millions of pieces of equipment to tens of thousands of customers each year.

11. There’s been a lot of controversy lately regarding the terms “black market” and “gray market” as well as incidents of fake equipment being sold to unsuspecting end-users. What is UNEDA’s stance on these important subjects?

All UNEDA members are firmly against the sale of any equipment that is not legitimate. While OEMs acknowledge that problems have penetrated their authorized channel, there are few resources publicly available to educate buyers against these threats. With unmatched experience in the variety of current and past-generation equipment from all the leading vendors, UNEDA members are on the frontlines of the battle to protect end-users from counterfeit, fraudulent, stolen and substandard networking equipment. To further intensify this effort, UNEDA members work closely with various law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute offenders.

12. Would UNEDA be willing to work with OEMs to fight the sale of black market and counterfeit networking equipment?

All too often OEMs try to paint the alternate channel with the same brush as black marketers and counterfeiters. Instead of using the counterfeit “threat” to inject fear, uncertainty and doubt into the minds of customers, UNEDA has offered manufacturers an open invitation to join forces in order to stop the proliferation of counterfeit goods and prosecute anyone found selling such equipment.