Board Members

The Executive Team

Jesse Johnson


Jesse Johnson joined the Board of Directors in 2014, now serving as its Treasurer. Jesse has been trading with UNEDA members and highly engaged in the secondary cisco market since 2005. When …

Jesse Newton

Vice President

Jesse has been in this industry now for just over 10 years, all of those years with Curvature, previously Network Hardware Resale.

Duane Hodapp


Duane joined the Board of Directors in May 2017. Duane is currently employed with Optimum Data Inc in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dan Stutsky


Dan joined the Board of Directors in 2018. Dan is currently employed with New Life Hardware in Bethany, Connecticut.

Ryan Codere

Board Member

Ryan joined the Board of Directors in the spring of 2019 and has been a member of the UNEDA community and IT industry for over 10 years. Ryan currently works at Avmark …

Nick Danhour

Board Member

Nick joined the Board of Directors in May 2019. Nick is currently employed with Trifecta Networks in Florida.

Sherry Hlavaty

Board Member

Sherry joined the Board of Directors in the summer of 2018. Sherry is currently employed with Rincon Technology Inc in Santa Barbara, California.

Mike Kozlowski

Board Member

Mike Kozlowski is on his second Board of Director stint. His first term was at the inception of UNEDA and spent that time as Treasurer of the organization. Mike has spent countless …

Jonathan Lesciauskas

Board Member

Jonathan Lesciauskas has worked in the secondary Cisco market industry for more than 10 years. He is currently the General Manager of Plurium Technology, LLC coordinating and brokering deals on six continents. …

James Rogers

Board Member

James joined the UNEDA Board in 2019. A Purchaser, Manager and Hardware Broker within UNEDA since 2007, James currently works as the Global Networking Product Manager for TES-AMM , an IT Asset …

Edward Sarti

Board Member

Ed joined the Board of Directors in 2017. Ed is currently employed with PICS Telecom as a Vendor Account Manager EMEA in Bristol, UK

Hilton Swartz

Board Member

Hilton joined the UNEDA Board in 2016. He has been with IP Trading Australia since 2005, first starting in sales, and for the past 6 years as the General Manager. He is …